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our office and our goal

Ianutolo Gros & Partners was founded in 1992 by the experience of some of its executive members in leading companies. It is based in Biella (BI) ITALY and offers a wide range of tax advisory services, administrative and corporate. To complete the range of services the firm works closely with leading international law firms and notary offices also.
The firm has operating branches in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland and this has encouraged the development of relevant technical skills that have led to a specialization in services and international tax and corporate. The daily collaboration with customers can provide support to customers for implementing development strategies.
Ianutolo Gros & Partners was founded with the goal to represent an adequate response to changing customer needs  and to provide innovative and customized consulting services, this without neglecting the traditional relationship of trust professional customers.
Customer confidence in us is our top priority so our approach is marked by the quest for maximum transparency, paying particular attention to the needs of customers, studying the needs and ensuring differentiation and customization of responses and proposed solutions.



- Keeping accounting
- Assistance in preparing the budget and consolidated balance sheet according to the rules of the Civil Code, the national accounting standards (OIC) and international (IAS)
- Prior analysis on the choice of corporate vehicle best suited to customer needs
- Customer Service Assistance on start up and management of the company
- Consulting in corporate compliance and reports anyone else Shareholders, the Company and the Company Officers
 - Management of Steps Generational
- Service contract for the sale, acquisition or leasing businesses and investments

-  Advice and assistance for extraordinary transactions, restructurings, corporate reorganizations, liquidations, transfers, mergers, demergers and rental income
-  Any needs in Real Estate Program

- Legal and Finance

- M & A


- Family offices (independent asset management consultancy)
- Succession planning
- Trusts and family foundations
- Assessment of companies, investments and property
- Management of assets as a trustee
- Assessment of heritable with estimated masses legitimate injury


- Investment property
- Assistence in front of the Business Court
- Restructure debts
- Creating business networks Italy Abroad
- Calculation of compound interest and usurious interest
- Pilotage bad company
- Liquidation of companies
- Corporate assessment
- Audit committees and auditors

- Nominee





We assist you all over the world but we have strong contacts and representative offices in:

- Bulgaria

- Polonia

- Romania

- United Kingdom

- Australia

- China

- Hong Kong

- India

- Bangladesh

- Indonesia

- United States